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Boost your restaurant’s success with our cutting-edge online ordering system. We design and develop customized platforms to attract more customers and drive increased sales.

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Restaurant Online

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Let’s make ordering easier for your clients 

“Allow us to serve you and set your restaurant up for success and growth through our comprehensive turnkey online ordering platform.”

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Let your clients order

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Takes just minutes

In just minutes, not days, you can launch your website with our online ordering solution, seamlessly integrated with your point-of-sale system. Setting up is a breeze, enabling you to start accepting orders instantly.

Here’s what our solution offers:

  • Hassle-free synchronization with the menu on your POS system for a seamless setup.
  • Orders are automatically routed to your POS and kitchen printer for efficient processing.
  • Our dedicated customer support is available 24/7, recognizing that your business operates beyond standard 9-5 hours.
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Empower your business with full autonomy and flexibility.

Empower your business and unleash creativity by utilizing our extensive menu customization options, allowing you to create something truly unique.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Select and curate the menu items you wish to make available online, allowing you to offer takeout specifically for dishes that travel well.
  2. Customize item names and modify the menu exclusively for your online ordering site, without affecting your POS menu.
  3. Set schedules for your online menu to be accessible only during specific times, providing flexibility and control over availability.
  4. Provide delivery services with the option to add a surcharge fee and define a delivery radius, tailoring the experience to your preferences.

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“Embark on a journey of innovation and success by starting your new project today. Take the first step towards achieving your goals!”

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